We are a specialist of Screen Printing Laser Printing

Sinar Mutiara has been acknowledge
in the screen printing industry since the year 1985.

About Us

Sinar Mutiara has been acknowledge in the screen printing industry since the year 1985, as the company that provides great export screen printing quality.


CV. Sinar Mutiara will always produces the best screen printing products in terms of qualities, innovation to gain customers satisfaction. A continuous improvement and consistency of human resources that value code of ethic, willingness to receive motivational critics, great performances and team work.

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Facilities & Machines

"A 50-pallet robotic machine that can supply 500.000 pcs output per month per machine."

Printing Area

With a spacious production area, a large number of printing quantity can be done effectively and efficiently.

Quality Control

To have maximum quality result, CV. Sinar Mutiara are divided into 3 team; QC Line, QC Random and QC finishing. CV. Sinar Mutiara QC are responsible in maintaining product quality in all times.

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Polyurethane, Rubber, Size Label Transfer, Water Base, Plastisol, Puff, Pigment, Flock, Deboss, Emboss, Discharge, Heat Transfer, Glitter, Embroidery, Laser Cut, Foil, Rhinestone, Silicon/Gel, Gradation, Reflective, Metallic, Separation/Photo Print, Sublimation, Spray Print, etc.

Photo Print

Photo Print

Photo Print
High Density

High Density

High Density


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Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantoro No. 80 Gondrong - Cipondoh, Tangerang 15141

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Branch Factory:

PT. Ungaran Printing Apparel
Jl. Letjen Soeprapto No. 1 Sidomulyo - Unggaran, Jawa Tengah 50514
Telp. +6224 7691 0914-16
Fax. +6224 7691 0913