Our Clients

Our history determined who we are today.

Sinar Mutiara has been acknowledge in the screen printing industry since the year 1985, as the company that provides great export screen printing quality.

With continuous improvement of technology and competitiveness in the industry motivate Sinar Mutiara to keep being innovative and always maintain both products and services quality to satisfy our valuable customers.

As a credible printing company, Sinar Mutiara always assure that customer will always gain the best in terms of export standarization quality, professionalism services, and time management with the support of our skilled and knowledgeable human resources.

Every detail of production process have been done thoroughly starting from the sample making, mass production, laboratory check and quality control before final products ready to deliver to customer.

Export garment market has been expanding significantly since the year 2000, Sinar Mutiara then decided to open another branch of printing company named after Ungaran Printing apparel located in Ungaran, Semarang in the year of 2006. Having branch factory in Ungaran, helps customer around Java area to have credible export quality printer.

As efficiency is very important in the service company. Sinar Mutiara develops a highly effective and efficient company management system to reduce numbers of mistakes that might potentially happen during the process. Which finally let result Sinar Mutiara earn an award by OMNI AWARD (By the Board of Directors of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association) in the year of 2005.


CV. Sinar Mutiara will always produces the best screen printing products in terms of qualities, innovation to gain customers satisfaction. A continuous improvement and consistency of human resources that value code of ethic, willingness to receive motivational critics, great performances and team work.


Be the best and credible in the printing industry.

Having customer satisfaction at all time.