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What we can do to help you accomplishing your mission.

Polyurethane, Rubber, Size Label Transfer, Water Base, Plastisol, Puff, Pigment, Flock, Deboss, Emboss, Discharge, Heat Transfer, Glitter, Embroidery, Laser Cut, Foil, Rhinestone, Silicon/Gel, Gradation, Reflective, Metallic, Separation/Photo Print, Sublimation, Spray, etc.

Printing Area

With a spacious production area, a large number of printing quantity can be done effectively and efficiently.

Quality Control

To have maximum quality result, CV. Sinar Mutiara are divided into 3 team; QC Line, QC Random and QC finishing. CV. Sinar Mutiara QC are responsible in maintaining product quality in all times.

Laser Cutting Machine

CV. Sinar Mutiara uses laser machine to create a detail and accurate laser cut result.

High Frequency Machine

CV. Sinar Mutiara uses High Frequency for emboss and deboss quality.

Conveyer Heat Press Machine

CV. Sinar Mutiara uses Conveyer Heat Press Machine to create a clean, smooth, and durable finish print.

Size Label Heat Press Machine

A specially design machine that use to reach an optimum output. A minimum output of 12pcs per min can be done using this machine.

Color Mixing & Ink Production

Mixing colors to reach the desirable color according to customer standard (pantone, fabric, etc).

Graphic Design & Film Making

CV. Sinar Mutiara Design and Film making team takes makes color seperation process.


CV. Sinar Mutiara uses computer based embroidery machine to create an optimum result depending on customer want.


With the help of Color Spectrum Technology "Gretah Macbeth Spectro Color", CV. Sinar Mutiara will be able to formulate an effective color formulation and avoid color differentation in the mass production.

Spectro UV

CV. Sinar Mutiara uses Spectro UV machine to test formaldehyde content internally.


CV. Sinar Mutiara maintain internal product quality by having internal lab test for formalde hyde, color migration and cracking to optimize quality CV. Sinar Mutiara have to offer.

Internal Washing

With an internal washing test (MIELE & BOSCH), CV. Sinar Mutiara will be able to attain international washing standard that customers expect.

Heat Transfer Machine

Semi outomatic machine uses to make an optimum precision of Heat Transfer or Heat Seal.


Sending the final products right on time and safely to the customers.

Sample Development

Professionals sample development team creates creative and innovative products depending on the customers' requirement.